Freedom and flexibility

Our consultants are afforded the freedom and flexibility to perform work for clients in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

Respect and Empowerment

A&H respects and empowers its workforce by providing its team with the flexibility to determine the “what, when, where and how” of providing legal services. Together we realise that “working smart” rather than the “old school” cultures of presenteeism, is how we deliver our best results for clients and attract the most diverse workforce.

Innovative and creative

We approach all client matters with a forward-thinking approach. We pool together our team’s diverse legal experience and come up with creative solutions to meet our clients’ problems.

Receptive, Intuitive and Inclusive

A&H is receptive and keeps an open mind to new ideas. We always want to learn more about client needs or our legal areas of expertise, as we believe this approach helps us deliver our best results. We are intuitive to the specific needs of our clients, delivering fit for purpose advice and bespoke solutions.